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Meet The Man Who Sneaked Into Auschwitz

This weekend marks the 70th anniversary of a World War II milestone few people have heard before. It’s the story of a Polish army captain named Witold Pilecki.

In September 1940, Pilecki didn’t know exactly what was going on in Auschwitz, but he knew someone had to find out. He would spend two and a half years in the prison camp, smuggling out word of the methods of execution and interrogation. He would eventually escape and author the first intelligence report on the camp. Continue reading

Two Canadians held for Auschwitz rail-spike theft

Polish authorities detained two Canadians who allegedly stole spikes from a railway line that shipped Jews to the Nazi German death camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau, museum staff told AFP on Monday.

“Security guards detained two Canadians in their twenties shortly before noon on Saturday in possession of two spikes that held down the rails,” said Bartosz Bartyzel, a spokesman for the museum at the World War II camp. Continue reading

Polish Resistance member became prisoner to expose Auschwitz horror

Months after the occupying Nazi Germans set up Auschwitz, a Polish Resistance member made the courageous decision to become a prisoner there so he could expose the camp’s horror.

But despite his extraordinary role, Witold Pilecki was unheeded abroad and, more than six decades after his execution by Poland’s communist regime, he has been largely forgotten outside the country. Continue reading

Swedish millionaire ‘with far-right sympathies’ linked to Auschwitz theft

A Swedish millionaire with alleged far-Right sympathies has been accused of being behind the theft of the Auschwitz sign amid claims he planned to sell it to fund a terrorist attack.

The accusations against Lars Goran Wahlstrom were made by Anders Hoegstrom, 34, who is in custody in Poland for his alleged role in the robbery. Continue reading