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Worth watching – not just on Halloween

Canadian Polish director Johanna Kern’s latest feature fantasy/family film, with visual effects, titled “Shadowland, The Legend”, is now available across Canada. With its fantasy themes suitable for all audiences, the film could be a treat for  upcoming Halloween!


Our film took several years in post-production, something nobody could predict. It is filled with visual effects, approx 30% (which alone took four and half years). To our knowledge, there is no other film as such made by independent producers, not in Canada, not in the world. The visual effects fantasy movies usually are done by major studios with hundreds of millions dollar budget. Those that have no big budgets — are very modestly done. Our film is different — it looks and sounds like a substantial budget feature, with a huge cast — over 300 performers including actors, children, stunts and extras, shot on over twenty five locations in Ontario, and filled with Visual Effects, as well as top world class music. Johanna Kern, writer/director & producer has never given up! After several years of true hardship, and thanks to the labor of love: the film is now available across Canada, and its ranking goes up quickly!


Shot on twenty-five locations in Ontario, Canada, with a large cast (over 3 hundred performers, including martial artists and actors: adults, teenagers and children) – the film and visual effects have been completed in April 2012, and picked up by E-One distribution company shortly after complition. Pre-publicity media coverage achieved total gross impressions of more than 3 million Canadians, through CityTV, MovieTelevision, CHEX-TV, CFMT-TV, Mississauga News, Oshawa/Whitby This Week and Playback Magazine. The original screenplay was based on a stage production — Frank, Big Baba and Forty Thieves – that ran in 2001.

Shadowland can happen anytime, and anywhere”, says the writer/producer/director Johanna Kern. “This is a story to empower young people to fully become the archetypal Warriors, Mystics, Kings and Queens – that they already are.”

Recently, a novel based on the film script, written by a British author Roy Fitzsimmonds and Johanna Kern, has been completed. The music is scored by the highly acclaimed top European composer, Romuald Lipko, who has written over 200 hit songs, and is the leader of the famous European rock band, Budka Suflera (EU top ten for 30 years). Romuald Lipko & Johanna Kern co-wrote the leading/promotional song for the film.

The Shadows are performed by dozens of high-profile martial artists, including Canadian National Martial Artists team members.



The film is stars Nathan Pidgeon as “Frank” and Agnes Podbielski as “Caroline” (first timer to a feature film); Andrew Guy as “Donlore” (The Rhino Brothers, Cooler Climate, Man with a Gun, Kissed, Intersection, Sliders, Highlander); Vieslav Krystyan as “Centres” (Fugitive Pieces, 54, Darkman III, Nikita, The Shrine, Soul Food, Relic Hunter, PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues); Mark Whelan as “Revil” (He is the face of the Sleeman™ franchise) among others.



Our Theme Song from the film is now playing on 24 radio stations across Canada! The Theme Song was written by the famous composer, R. Lipko – music, and Johanna Kern (producer/director/writer of “Shadowland, The Legend” film) – the stations include, among others: CFJU FM in Kedgwick, New Brunswick; CINN FM in Hearst, Ontario; CIHO FM in Saint Hilarion, Quebec; CJMQ in Sherbrooke, Quebec; CHRQ  106.9 FM in Listuguj, Quebec; CJLM FM 103.5 in Joliette, Quebec; CFBO FM in Moncton, New Brunswick; CFNJ FM in Saint Gabriel, Quebec; CJSO FM in Sorel, Quebec; CHFI FM 101.9 in Chateagua, Quebec; CKGN FM in Kapuskasing, Ontario; CIMS FM in Balmoral, New Brunswick; CJPN FM in Fredericton, New Brunswick; CHYC FM in Sudbury, Ontario; CHYK FM in Timmins, Ontario; CHLY FM on Nanaimo Island, BC & CFSI on Salt Spring Island, BC. More Radio Stations are coming soon…!



Frank (12) and his sister Caroline (16) arrive in mythical Attic Town in Shadowland, where the Great Syndicate is ruling and robbing citizens. An army of Shadows kidnaps anyone who is out after dark and the Patrolling Thieves make the daylight miserable for everyone. Attic Town is a place where the streets have no names and there is no turning back. Not realizing that they shifted in space and time, Frank and Caroline split, looking for directions. Wandering the streets, the boy meets Donlore, a young Patrolling Thief, and trusts this somewhat shadowy figure despite his first instincts. Caroline finds herself on a farm outside of town. She soon sets on a journey to find her brother and help him realize his mistake. She has to find him before dark. When the night falls, he will remain one of the dark rulers forever and there will be no way back. In the meantime, the underground opposition of Attic Town begins to revolt…



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MUSIC VIDEO– Theme Song from the film:






The Theme Song is available WORLDWIDE on Itunes in the POP MUSIC section



Johanna Kern first began her career as a professional actress in Europe, and moved to Toronto to pursue a career in film and television. Kern is recognized for her unique directing style and her vision that captivates broad audiences and draws exceptional professionals to her productions.

Recently, she has completed a fantasy/family/adventure feature film Shadowland:The Legend – and wrote the next screenplay in the Shadowland series – Shadowland:The Warrior. She is also developing screenplays for the next films: Shadowland:The Mystic ; Shadowland:The King.

Kern has made eight dramatic short films including the critically acclaimed short Cherries for Brian (1997 Palm Springs International Film Festival, Raindance International Film Festival and Figueira da Foz International Film Festival-Portugal).

She has written seven feature film screenplays and worked as a producer/director on a number of TV commercials and music videos. She has written/produced/directed two musicals for the stage (with large casts of more than 300 actors), and founded an acting school for young performers. She was also the founder/executive director of Fantasy Worldwide Film Festival. Kern holds an Honors B.A. of Applied Arts/Film from Ryerson University. Previously studied theatre and fine arts in Europe.