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EU Faces Risk of Drift or Collapse, Polish Minister Says

The European Union faces drift and economic stagnation–and maybe even disintegration–if leaders continue to delay decisions needed to resolve the bloc’s crisis, Poland’s foreign minister said Thursday.

Sketching out what he said is an “unfortunately very probable” scenario, Radoslaw Sikorski said: “The Union’s economy stops growing due to persistent delays in making difficult decisions. The sclerosis deepens. Europe limps along but consents to a gradual decline of importance in the world.”

In unusually stark and gloomy language, Mr. Sikorski, a long-time booster of deepening Poland’s integration with the rest of Europe and strengthening ties with the U.S., described various possible futures for the EU in a speech to Parliament.

The worst case, Mr. Sikorski said, would be the complete crumbling of the EU. Russia would likely move to fill the void left in the east of the Continent. And Poland would be left on its own on the periphery of a stagnant Europe, without a permanent foundation of security, Mr. Sikorski said.

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