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New movie restores Lech Walesa as Poland's hero
Solidarity leader Lech Walesa has largely fallen from grace in the eyes of his Polish countrymen. Oscar-winning filmmaker Andrzej Wajda says he wants to restore his longtime friend as Poland's hero in his latest movie -- which he calls the hardest of his life.

Polonium, August 30, 2013

Poland will not join any military strike on Syria
Prime Minister Donald Tusk says that Poland "does not plan to participate in any kind of intervention in Syria." As the U.S. and its allies appeared to be moving toward punitive military action, Tusk said Wednesday that Poland's government is not convinced that a strike would "stop the crimes.

Polonium, August 29, 2013

They wanted their children to be ready to return to Poland
When Agnieszka Matys-Foley moved to Ireland from her home near Poland’s Baltic coast seven years ago, she sent her two young children to a Polish weekend school in case the family decided to return.

Polonium, August 27, 2013

Poland and America Need a Fresh Start
The U.S.-Polish relationship got off to a rocky start in 2009 and never seemed to regain its footing.

Polonium, August 26, 2013

3 workers killed in coal mine accident
A coal mine director in southern Poland says that three workers were killed and one was injured when a loose electric cable fell on them as they were working in one the mine's shafts.

Polonium, August 26, 2013

Flexing its muscles
As the only big country in Europe that is increasing defence spending, Poland wants more say in NATO Poland and other NATO “border countries” were concerned about the Russian-Belarusian Zapad and Ladoga military exercises in 2009, which simulated attacks on the Baltic states and Poland.

Polonium, August 23, 2013

Poland's shale drive will transform Europe, if it does not drop the ball
The US Energy Department thinks Poland has enough shale gas to power the country for 300 years.

Polonium, August 23, 2013

Poland’s PM Tusk Remains Leader of His Party
Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk easily won re-election as his party’s leader on Friday, but his government has been losing popularity halfway through his second term in office.

Polonium, August 23, 2013

Polish prosecutor: Swastika a symbol of prosperity
Two legal decisions have caused outrage among Jewish organizations and anti-fascists in Poland.

Polonium, July 1, 2013

For Firefox OS' first wave of devices, it's Poland
Poland is one of the initial markets where Firefox OS will be launched, and its performance there will help indicate what future lies ahead for the operating system.

Polonium, June 26, 2013

False bomb threats force evacuations across Poland
Hundreds of people were evacuated from hospitals, courts, police stations and prosecutors' offices across Poland on Tuesday after more than 20 apparently falsebomb threats were sent by e-mail.

Polonium, June 25, 2013

Boeing to Offer Poland's LOT Airlines 787 Compensation in JulyBoeing (BA) will begin compensating Poland’s national carrier, LOT Polish Airlines, in July for the 787 blunder that grounded its fleet of Dreamliners earlier this year.

Polonium, June 24, 2013